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TMNT LOVE ch 16 the wait!
now it had been three days since karai and the others left the lair.
all were anxious and impatient.
no förstog why not April or Caisy had not Return.
all sat in the living room and no stem was not the best.
mikey: father why they're not back yet
Splinter: I do not know my son
Donnie: I can think of many reasons they do not Return but they are all terrible.
mikey: duds what should we do about karai not ... not
raph: what
mikey: if she does not survive
all froze
Raph: she vomited's just
donie: yes but for all we know she can have gotten worse will being on the hospital
brothers and splinter turned their heads toward leo
Leo: It's ok
Splinter: what is ok
leo: she is
Splinter: my son i am soo sorry but you must understand that karai not ok
leo: of course she is
all sigh
Now it was time to continue waiting
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maya by candymm maya :iconcandymm:candymm 1 4 Character Reference By Josy by candymm Character Reference By Josy :iconcandymm:candymm 1 17
Leo and Ali 3/3-1/2
Leo was in his room, after talking with his father as long as he was now tired.
Suddenly he heard someone knock on his door
leo: who is it?
Ali; it's me, can I come in?
Leo froze
he added quickly the bag of condoms under her bed and said yes with a light voice.
Ali opened the door and looked at Leo sat on his bed, she ran up to honnom and gave honnom a hug. when she released him, she began to talk
ali: how have the walk T? He has punished you?
leo: no
ali: not?
leo: nop
Leo told ali That splinter had told him that he was a litte disappointed that they had not ensued rules bearings, that she was now Welcome to move into his room.
Ali was happy and everything was fine.
wick after Ali had moved into Leo's room, she cleaned the room, she liked when it was clean.
She was almost finished with everything there was only one place left to clean under the bed.
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Mature content
TMNT love ch 15 fun fore Leo, or is it? :iconcandymm:candymm 1 3
will be here soon // TMNT LOVE CH 15 by candymm
Mature content
will be here soon // TMNT LOVE CH 15 :iconcandymm:candymm 1 0
all sat on the sofa, April had also come into the living room
everyone was talking about how Leo and Karai had managed to keep their relationship so long.
after a while came splinter into the living room
Splinter: my children
all: yes
Splinter: I've decided that karai shuld go to a doctor
karai: Dad, I'm fine
Splinter: I know my daughter but I just want to be sure
karai: ok father
April: I can come to the hospital
karai: thanks that I like
April: I think we should go now
karai: now?
April: yes, it's getting a little late and I and Casey have to come to my home before ten
karai: ok, let me just go and change clothes
karai stood up but bent herself and groaned out
Leo put a hand on karai's back
Leo: honey what's wrong
karai: sorry
Splinter: karai?
karai looked up but said nothing, before anyone knew the word of it karai ran out of the living room
all ran after her and came to toaleten
karai had run in there, splinter plast he s ear to the door,  He could hear that she vomited
when h
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TMNT LOVE ch 13 all knows
Leo stood in front of his brothers and Casey, he took a ljupt breath and started talking ....
mikey: sooo you and karai is in love
leo: yes havent you been lisining to me
donnie: we have leo, it is a littel hard to hear
leo: sorry
raph: sooo what do spkinbter say
leo: it is ok fore him
mikey: really
leo: yes
casye: leo how have you been abel to ceap this from oss fore so long
Leo would just answer Casy but was silenced by Mikey shouted out
mikey: Karai
all watched her as she walked out of the kitchen
karai: hey guys
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Leo and Ali 2/3
Leo was standing outside his father's room, he takes a deep breath and knock on his fathers door
and then he heard a voice
come in
leo walked into the room and sat down
Splinter: my son, I am very disappointed with you
Leo: Why,,, said Leo with a iriterad voice
Splinter: my son, you know the rules
Leo just sat silently and stared at the floor
Splinter: leonardo I ..
he could submit further before Leo interrupted him
Leo: what exactly have I done wrong
Splinter: The rules are easy, you and Ali can be together, but you can not sleep in the same room
leo: …..
Splinter: my son, it is something all parents must talk to their children about
Leo: What?
Splinter: leonardo when two people love each other ....
Leo: no no no
Splinter: my son?
Leo: father, please you don't think  that I and Ali had had uh …
splinter: sex
my son, it is quite natural for a person of your age to be intreserad of sex
and because you have a girlfriend, I want to be sure that you know how to protect you
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TMNT love ch 12 No more hiding
Leo and Karai was in the kitchen, leo cooked for her.
When he was done, he sat next to karai and gave her the food.
Karai:Leo, you said that Dad knows, but do the others know.
Leo: just april
karai: oh ok
Leo: karai we haft to tell them
karai: I know
both sighed out
Leo stood up and began to walk
Karia; where are you goning?
Leo: like i sade we haft to tell them
karai: now
leo: yes
karai: but
Leo went back and kissed karai
leo: do you want to come with me
karai: I, I, I want to but ….
Leo: I understand
karai: not more hidding
leo: yes
Leo went out into the living room
All of the guys were there
Leo: rath, donnie, cayse, Mikey, I have  something to tell you
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Leo and Ali 1/3
Leo opened his eyes and saw something he always wanted to see when he awoke
his beautiful girlfriend lie just a few inches from him, she was still asleep so Leo took the opportunity and looked at her, he stroked her hair and thought back to the night before
it was not the first time they had slept together
but he thought it was the best, He laughed lightly as he thought that they had been so loving
making out, touch on each other
after a litle whil Ali start to open her eyes
and he said with a soft voice "
leo: good Morning sleepyhead"'
and she gave a warm smile
everything was perfect but it would just be changed leo hear
Leo turned towards the door which was now open and saw his father standing in the doorway
Splinter looked at his son and said, ”
splinter: get dressed and come to my room we need to talk”.
When he had gone sat leo up in bed and rubbed his face
but he stopped when he heard ali cry
ali: I am so sorry Leo, it's my fault; it was I who wanted to sleep
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TMNT love ch 11 leo joke with karai
Leo and Karai just sat and talked
Leo was so relieved that karai had woken up and it was something he had to tell her who could not wait
leo: karai I have told splinter about us ,He knows we're a couple
karai was just silent, she looked to be in a trance but suddenly she said
karai: what did he say when you told him
leo:He did not want us to be together
He said that if we want to be together, we must leave the lair
karai: No, what are we going to do leo, we can not leave the lair
but if father does not allow us to be a couple, what should we do
karai was completely destroyed
her worst nightmare has come true, she did not know what she would do
but then she noticed that Leo had a big smile
karai: why are you smiling, are you happy that the father does not allow us to be together
then it cracked for leo
He started laughing and saw how karai looked surprised
karai: Why are you laughing, are you not upset for this
Leo just kept laughing
karai: LEO!!!
leo: karai I'm sorry but I lied
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TMNT LOVE ch 10 Everything
leo heartbeat increased, he opened the door and stepped into his father's room
He was standing right at the door, he tried to talk but there were no words
Splinter noticed that Leo had a difficult start since the conversation he knew that they would have bästemde so he decided to start the
splinter: my so come sit here in front of me
Leo nodded and walkt over to he's father and sat down in front of him
it was quiet for a very long while until splinter broke the silence
splinter : leonardo I under...
leo: NO
Splinter looked in surprise at his son
Splinter: leonardo I do not like being Interrupt when I'll talk
Leo: I ... I
Splinter: my son please talk to me I understand that something is wrong
Leo: I'm sorry I said I hate you, I .... I ... I do not hate you, I could never hate you, I ..I am so sorry
then splinter saw something he has not seen for many years
Leo cried
Splinter dragged himself to his son and took him into a hug
Splinter felt leo hugged him just like when he was little
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TMNT LOVE ch 9 Eating apologize and time to tell
leo and April went into the kitchen
no one was in the kitchen when they came in, leo would go and grab something to eat but he was not before April sate him down on a chair
Leo: April I'm hungry,
April; yes i understand that but you should take it easy, I'll give you something to eat
leo: ha ha ok
Leo looked at when April cooked, but he could not say what she cooked
after 15 minutes without talking to each other sat in April a pot on the table
She took out a spoon and hellde in a little pot in a bowl
April: here you are
Leo: Thanks
He took a spoon in his mouth and April could see that he liked
Leo: April it is so so amazing
April: I know, it's my grandmother taught me how to do it, she was a good cook
Leo: Oh she's dead
April: yes
leo; I'm sorry
April: don't be she was sick before she died so it was good that she was put to sleep
when Leo had eaten up, he heard a scream
Leo !!! both Leo and April turned toward the door and saw Mikey and Raph donnie
Mikey ran up and hugged leo, raph and
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TMNT LOVE ch 8 time to tell
Everything was quiet all stared at leo how was breathe very heavily and havd tears in he's eye's
April stood up and was about to go to leo, but just before she would start walking, she felt something grab her arm.
She looked back and saw that it was Casey who held her arm
casey: red we should wait ...
April gave him an angry face and took his hand away
but before she could go to Leo she saw when Leo Fall down on the floor
Leo all shoute all ran up to him
Donnie knelt beside him and took his pulse
mikey: he ok donnie
donnie: He has a pulse, but it is weak, I do not know what is wrong with him
raph; but then you have to find out what is wrong with him
donnie : i is not that easy
raph: meake it easy then
Splinter: boys stop fighting
Splinter who have risen up got the brothers to stop fighting he felt at Leo's forehead
Splinter: just as I thought
April: what is it
Splinter: leonardo has a high fever
mikey: probably because he has been awake for so long and not eaten anything
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TMNT love ch7 I hate you
Leo sat next karai and was almost going to fall asleep
He had been awake for days, five to be exact.
in the kitchen was casey, April and Splinter and Leo's brother, all was quiet until Raph broke the ice
Raph: ok seriously what should we do with leo he's been in there for days
Donnie: yes exactly, he just leaves the room to go to the bathroom
mikey: and he moste get to sleep and eat something
casey: yes mikey, you have a right but how do we get him to listen to us he has not talked to anyone since karai was injured
splinter: i have never seen him like this beafore he dosent even train
all was quiet for a while until Mikey saw that April looked uncomfortable in and sayings
mikey: is something wrong April
April: no no I'm just worried leo
she said with a worried voice, splinter stroked his beard and said,
Splinter: is there anything you want to tell us
all watched at April
April: no no it's nothing
Splinter could feel that she lied
Splinter: April you lie to me, and that si somtnig I do
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cant finde the new tmnt episode HELP
cant finde the new tmnt episode HELP




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